Los Angeles County Blood Cleanup Narrative

Los Angeles County blood cleanup services at an affordable price should include a professioan biohazard cleanup practitioner's services; they do, through my blood cleanup services. I'm Eddie Evans and this web site is one of a bunch of blood cleanup web sites offering my services to families and businesses.

I clean after homicide, suicide, and unattended death. The reason, bloodborne pathogens.

Los Angeles County Coroner Department Cronyism

Most readers at this point share one thing in common. They reach this website after being referred to another Los Angeles County blood cleanup company by a corners employee. Usually these corners employees are either a corners investigator, a corners department clerical worker, or in a very few cases, by law enforcement officer. Such referrals to blood cleanup companies are what we call "cronyism" because government employees have no duty, right, privilege to refer the public to private companies for self-enrichment. That is what happens, these employees receive 10% of the gross cost of the blood cleanup service. In the worst cases, they may even own part or all of the blood cleanup company

Keep in mind, thought, that it is not uncommon for law enforcement personnel to recommend that a family or business find a professional blood cleanup practitioner because of the horrific nature of blood cleanup at times. They may believe that exposing an inexperienced person to the nature of her horrific blood loss seeing will cost more than money. That is, they have a sense that just viewing the consequences of a massive blood loss can lead to great distress.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Blood Cleanup Company

Taken together, blood-borne pathogens and the potential for emotional distress are reason enough to consider hiring a professional blood cleanup practitioner. In Los Angeles County, you can find blood cleanup companies under the biohazard cleanup keywords a most popular search engines. Deciding which blood cleanup company to use should depend on your needs, income, and other resources. For example, if you've had a homicide, suicide, or unattended death in your home or in a relative's home, you may choose to use homeowners insurance if their structural damage to the premises.

Probably a majority of Los Angeles County blood cleanup companies look for reasons to cause structural damage during blood cleanup activities. They do this because they know that homeowners insurance cannot be invoked so long as there is no structural damage. Hence, it is to their advantage to needlessly remove part of the floor or part of a wall. Not all Los Angeles County blood cleanup companies will do this, but enough will do it to cause some concern for homeowners in search of an honest Los Angeles County blood cleanup company.

If  you have a sense of urgency propelling your decision to hire a blood cleanup company, then you have an easy choice. Just look to the top of a search page when you do a blood cleanup search and you'll find what we call "pay per click advertising." Blood cleanup companies more than willing to help with your blood cleanup needs.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a sense of urgency, or if money is limited, then you may need to call someone like myself. I'm called "Eddie Evans" by my friends and long time blood cleanup customers. I have a clientele, companies and government agencies the call me because of my prices. In a number to call for their blood cleanup needs, "Eddie."

When I offer I offer as a 16 year veteran of blood cleanup activities for homicide, suicide, unattended death, and dramatic blood loss incidents. I've cleaned in 24 states from Northern New York State to San Diego County, California. I've cleaned and high deserts, low deserts, high-altitude mountain like cleanup, and other wilderness areas without benefit of electricity or running water.

I've cleaned for families and businesses within the state of California, and I've clean for families and businesses calling from outside of Los Angeles County so that I can clean it business or residence in Los Angeles County for them. These calls come from out-of-state families of victims of homicide and suicide, and persons dying unattended death somewhere in Los Angeles County. A relative will call from out-of-state because they cannot make it into Los Angeles County anytime soon and the residents in which their loved one perished needs cleaning. So they call me because I charge less than the other companies and offer some services that other companies are not structured to offer.

Businesses from out-of-state wire me when real estate damage by blood loss from the homeless, the unintended deaths, and other type of blood loss in their vacated properties.

With that said, there are times that companies send me to states besides Los Angeles County for blood cleanup activities. Because I'm a solo cleaner and do my homework, I'm often more flexible.

When you call expect to speak with a real person. We do not use an answering machine or an answering service.

Expect answers to questions about blood cleanup following a death involving homicide, suicide, unattended death, or other blood loss events. Our prices reflect a solo cleaner's prices because we have always used one cleaner, which works well for us and our clients.

A single cleaner has an opportunity to work flexibly by adding time to a job, by adding a bit of extra detail, and by making life easier for all concerned. This approach lead to cleaning after hundreds of death scenes. I write more on this notion at Biohazard Cleanup.

Can you imagine the experience gained by cleaning after hundreds of death scenes alone. That a lot of blood to cleanup. We feel that our service, experience, and blood cleanup experience benefit all parties involved. Call now for more information to to make an appointment, if you wish.

Cleaning Death Scene Blood for the complete Novice

In my business experience, I learned long ago that not everyone can afford a Los Angeles County blood cleanup company's blood cleanup services for Quincy.

Los Angeles County biohazard cleaners have no need to fear bloodborne pathogens if they plan ahead, detail by detail. Know where you want to go. If you plan well your job requires handling objectionable materials once and only once. So plan and think before acting. Remain focused, remain patient, and keep your plan’s details in mind. Eventually your plan comes up short, but you will know how to compensate because you focused on your steps to completion. You know how to get there.

Creating Distance

Create distance from blood and other biohazardous materials to reduce risks. Work patiently. Your plan, your focus, and attention to detail pays dividends in risk reduction as your plan unfolds, slowly and deliberately.

“Create distance between yourself and the blood,” I said. This sounds so obvious. I’ll bet that you didn't’t think of this one. If you have a blood stained mattress and it’s horrific and has a terrible odor, try something like this.


Buy at least two cans of Zennesser oil based spray paint from the Home Depot or Lowes. When you walk into the death scene room (stay off any blood stained floor) walk to the mattress and blast it. Using one can of spray in each hand you’ll quickly cover the offending material.

Your mask will help reduce the spray’s odor. If you have a couch, lounge chair, or other bulky object heavily soiled by blood, do the same to it. Let it and the blood dry thoroughly. This begins your distance building between you and the blood.

Once dried, your next step closely resembles wrapping a gift for Christmas or birthdays. You will want to place a cover over the blood stained object by placing a clean sheet or tarp over the object. Wrap it tightly. Using duct tape, tape your covering tightly.


A long rope should conclude your wrapping. If you like, tie objects before using duct tape. Add tape and rope as you please. Better wrapped items help when moving your offending object. Save some rope to create handles for pulling and dragging the object. Of course a dolly may help.

Violent death scenes and decomposition will leave blood on floors. Following these steps or the steps located on these web sites will help inform your steps.


If you must use a mop, use a good mop and bucket with cool water and plenty of bleach. Our US Center for Disease Control recommends a blend of one to ten percent bleach to water for disinfecting nonporous surfaces. Such a solution works for areas cleared of the source material, blood and other infectious materials. Los Angeles Blood Cleanup also has some related information.

I rarely use a mop, and if I must, I would throw it away after thoroughly cleaning it. I would also place it in a thick plastic bag before disposing of it. A really nice mop-head made out of micro-fiber goes for about $10 at the Home Depot. Extra money will pay for itself in time saved. Trying to save a few dollars during blood cleanup makes zero sense.

Paper Towels

When cleaning blood from a nonporous floor the cleaner might want to use paper towels or cloth towels. This approach costs some money, but it works well while helping the cleaner create distance from the blood. Paper towels as well as cloth towels react well to bleach solutions. Full saturation with a bleach solution becomes inevitable given enough solution and time.

Bleach and time should render bloodborne pathogens inert, if these germs exist exist at all in your contaminated area or towels. If the blood remains moist and time does got favor letting the blood dry out, another approach allows for adding bleach and water with a mop. Let it dwell.

To mop up this mess your mop bucket cannot contain solution. Keep it empty. Slowly mop in figure-eights. If the mop head weighs too much to move, or if you don't have room for figure-eights, fine. Do what you can. Your actions here move your solution, which helps decontaminate the blood.

Slowly lift your mop to the bucket’s wringer, squeeze out the offending solution very gently, and continue mopping until the majority of blood resides in the bucket. Pour the bloody solution into a toilet and flush.

By this time your mop head’s contamination requires extensive decontamination if not safe disposal. If you have a working toilet, slowly, gently rinse your mop head and flush often. A detergent added to the toilet bowl creates a good solution for breaking down the blood on the mop. Let it dwell. Use the same process if you prefer the mop bucket to the toilet. Your solution goes down the toilet any way.

Pour bleach into the toilet and let the mop head dwell for a reasonable time. At some point the mop head becomes rinsed and bleached enough to dry somewhere safe and out of sight.

BEWARE: If your toilet connects to a cesspool, you may need to verify your solution will not damage it.

Paper towels work well on a damp floor. One way to approach this task sacrifices clean bath towels, but these will recover in a hot water machine wash with bleach and soap.

Place large towels in a strong solution of bleach and water. Wring most of this solution from the towel. Place the towel open and flat on the floor about six inches from the soiled area.

Place a large push broom in the center of the towel. Now press downward on the broom while pushing toward the opposite side of a soiled area. The broom’s plastic bristles should hold the towel in place. Decontaminating this towel in a clean, disinfected toilet will work quickly if you choose to repeat this technique.

Eventually your comfort level for the contaminated area will allow you to proceed as if cleaning any other floor.

As above, the same or similar technique works on other contaminated surfaces. If cleaning wood furniture it will help if you can somehow place it outdoors in the Sun. Nothing disinfects as well as the Sun.

During blood cleanup from a nice wood floor or other valuable wood surface, I like to use Murphy’s wood soap. It seems to allow for greater dwell time with less risk of damage to the wood.

Dwell time on wood and other surfaces pays for itself in saved labor. It's important not to allow fluids to alter the surface of the material cleaned, though. For the sake of caution, you may want to test the Murphy’s with water on unstained wood furnishings floor. Error on the side of caution.

Cleaning Plywood Floors

A bleach, water, and soap solution for scrubbing blood on plywood floors works when done conservatively. Murphy's soap works well. Never pour water onto a plywood floor or Mobile Home’s floor. Spray it with a mist until full saturation of the blood occurs. Then scrubbing and removing the blood will follow steps like those mentioned above.

Whenever cleaning a blood stained floor does not remove blood stains, consider sealing stained areas once completing thorough cleaning. No problems from odor should occur if the floor scrubbing and thorough rinsing preceded a thorough decontamination. If a novice, perhaps suicide cleanup requirements lead to blood cleanup. Then you can disinfect with bleach and water as in other death cleanup work. Beware, let the wood thoroughly dry out and then sand it smooth. Apply Zennesser or Kilz water based or oil based sealers to the once soiled area. Any remaining odor issues should no longer exist.

Sometimes it's best to let a floor follows a death scene remain uncovered by carpet or other floor coverings. You will want to ensure no odors recur. Once certain the soiled floor area no longer has odors, seal it thoroughly with Kilz, Zinnsser, or a polyurethane.

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